Grant Requests

Public Safety

Owen County Government
Help Owen County purchase additional tornado sirens to help notify a greater percentage of residents and visitors of dangerous weather. $240,000 of $416,000 needed has already been funded. Full Proposal:
In response to a devastating EF-3 tornado, particularly impacting McCormick’s Creek State Park with two camper fatalities, Owen County Government aims to expand its Outdoor Emergency Warning System. With a focus on smaller communities and areas lacking cellular service, the county requires additional funding to cover the high number of residents and annual visitors engaged in outdoor activities. Evolving from a 2006 proposal with significant community and local support, this system utilizes audible sirens as part of its multifaceted approach to enhance awareness and supplement existing notification methods. Collaborative partnerships have funded $240,000 of the $416,000 needed to complete this project. Full proposal can be accessed at this link: